The Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the regulatory body of those that have qualified to hold themselves out, and practice, as Chartered Surveyors (MRICS or FRICS).

There are a number of routes to that end but, for the sake of relevance, I will summarise mine. Firstly, I had to qualify for a place on a Degree course - for me that included satisfactory A-Levels in Criminal Law and English Literature.

The Degree course was one of only four then approved for accreditation by the RICS, meaning that successfully obtaining that Degree would minimise my route to becoming a Chartered Surveyor.

My Degree course was four years in length, including one year in a qualifying role within the industry.  After four years, I emerged with said Degree, but remained a long way from professional status.

To even apply for the RICS Assessment Of Professional Competence (APC), I had to complete two years of very prescriptive and exacting professional experience. Then, and only then, was I allowed to apply.