I became a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) in 2016, largely fuelled by an idea, a passion for sporting guns, and a recent fundamental change in European legislation, that April, relating to the deactivation of firearms.

I acquired large quantities of what others considered scrap, sifting out the best for another day, and deactivating the majority, with a view to them having another treasured life, a retirement if you like, as an unlicenced, certified, centrepiece that any home could envelop, comfortably and, proudly.

The whole process was relatively long, and relatively expensive, but in business with 'Uncle Malc' (every aspiring young man should have an 'Uncle Malc', but that is another story altogether) we produced about 100 products in about 18 months. To put that in context, that was about 100 firearms totally off the 'shooter' market, denatured beyond belief, and irreparably made absolutely safe.

Finally, we experimentally brought our goods to the market, in two very separate auctions, coincidentally on 20 and 21 June 2018, respectively. 20 June was a washout, but that was an interior design festival and, clearly, the country club were not present. The 21 June, however, through the reputable Holts, produced inspiring results, and me and 'Uncle Malc' thought our efforts had not been in vain - people get what we are doing, and there is a market for it.

One week later, we were informed that the entirety of our stock, whilst legally deactivated, could no longer be legally sold, lent, or given, as a consequence of new EU legislation taking effect on 28 June.