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Dear RICS...


Dear RICS...

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On behalf of the whole UK Chartered Surveying fraternity, please allow me to thank you for your recent wholly unnecessarily imposed change of the approved RICS logo. We were all bored by our bought and paid for stationery stocks in any case.

I am truly thankful that you recognised the; 12 year financial crisis, confidence sapping Brexit debacle, depressed property market, stalled economy and, general lack of liquid cash, when you unilaterally decided that a little aesthetic tweak (lethally enforced through the Regulations) was crucially at the top of your agenda.

Your sensitivity to the artistic requirements of the membership was unprecedented, and your timing was akin to that of a French open side flanker trailing by 20 points.
Your empathetic approach to dictatorship is undeniable, after all, if the small to medium businesses that you preside over had your circa £60 million membership revenue stream every year, why should they worry?!

And what value for money you have proved to be. Only this year, you have reassured me (albeit at the eleventh hour and an additional cost) that I can process residentially derived client's money without having to pay to be audited by an additional scheme provider - how lucky do I feel?!

Anyway, for next year, perhaps you could invent another tier of regulated membership that I can pay for? I would love that, as would many others I know.