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Investing In Improvement

Two relatively significant investments seriously enhance product presentation. As a result, the Game leaving the Larder this Season will look even better than last, but with the same great quality and taste.

  • IMG_2048

I have been pleased with our processed product for some years, but packing has not been to my satisfaction.

This Spring, I decided that our increased output warranted the additional capital expense, and set about researching methods of packaging, both for preservation and presentation. It was not long before I concluded that vacuum packing was perfect for us, and followed a trusted recommendation towards a Henkelman machine.

Windsor Food Machinery Limited supplied the Jumbo 42 which has proved an excellent choice, and a real boon to the product, the process, and customers.
The arrival of the 'vac packer' lifted my spirits, and my ambitions, yet further, and I began to consider the final step to achieve more accurate weighing and pricing, and display of the all important details required on the products.

More internet based research was overwhelming, and an Avery Berkel weigh scale it had to be! Jay Kay & Co recommended a refurbished high grade machine that would suit my range of requirements and budget, complete with consumables from Telford Marketing.

Job done, and relatively efficiently, which is always important to remember when contemplating changes. Roll on the Season(s), and get that Game cook book you have been promising yourself in the meantime!